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VPG LT98 Ventus

7 300,00 NOK pr stk,-
Goalie pads størrelse

Full foam core internal structure
Flat front firm blocking surface
Single break outside roll
Pro core internal with full length carbon fiber reinforcement
Flat inner edge with higher density foam
HD foam internal core front panel for superior performance
Tall graphic has split front face and sewn in graphic stripes
Visually taller graphic appearance
Wide knee cradle with angled adjustable strap
Wide leg cradle design speeds pad rotation
Deeper inner knee side panel for added balance and coverage
Adjustable top thigh strap mounting location
Tapered outer edge on knee cradle for added pad rotation
Offset tie on toe assembly
Dual leather knee straps
Adjustable calf strap buckle location
Preshaped pad structure for precision fit
Higher boot angle
Optional dual break outside roll
Integrated knee pad or optional knee cradle
Available in sizes, 31+2″, 32+2″, 33+2″, 34+2″, 35+2″, 36+2″ and custom sizing is available.